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Celestial Jewellery

Calling all stargazers and sunshine lovers! Reach for the sun, moon and stars with our celestial jewellery collection. Drawing inspo from the breathtaking day and night sky, this celestial collection is pure golden vibes. 
Crafted to perfection, these pieces are designed to be worn together. Our celestial jewellery is made to be layered, allowing you to create a radiant, multi-dimensional stack. Mix and match celestial charms, pendants, and chains to build a style that shines as brilliantly as the constellations above. 

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Sunburst Ring - Cosmic Chains Sun burst Ring - Cosmic Chains

Sunburst Ring

Sale price£23.99
Elegant Gold Sun NecklaceGold Sun Necklace- Cosmic Chains

Gold Sun Necklace

Sale price£23.99
Gold Chunky Heart Necklace gleaming on a delicate chainHeart chain necklace adorned with a shimmering golden heart
Elegant Blue Pendant Gold Paperclip Chain Necklace with sky-blue charm.Stylish Blue Pendant Gold Paperclip Chain Necklace for a chic look
Gold Hammered Star HoopsGold Hammered Star Hoops
Sunburst Heart Chain - Cosmic Chains Sunburst Heart Chain - Cosmic Chains

Sunburst Heart Chain

Sale price£23.99
Sun Burst Chain - Cosmic Chains Sun Burst Chain - Cosmic Chains

Sun Burst Chain

Sale price£21.99

Celestial Jewellery

Get ready to let your inner celestial babe shine through with our gold-plated star and sun jewellery. From radiant sunburst pendants to dazzling starburst rings, this gold celestial collection combines the mystery of the starry night sky with the golden auras of a summer's day. Shop celestial jewellery today. 

Celestial Rings 

No celestial jewellery collection is complete without show-stopping rings! The Sunburst Ring is summertime in a piece of jewellery - a radiant sunray design that'll have you feeling like a total sun goddess, or twinkle and shine with the Starburst Ring. Either way, get ready for these rings to be the star of the show!

Celestial Earrings 

Shine like the north star with our star earrings. The Gold Hammered Star Hoop earrings are an absolute must - these handcrafted 14k plated gold hoop earrings feature a hammered texture that catches the light perfectly for a twinkling starburst effect. Or go for classic chic with the smooth and sleek gold Star Hoops. Your ears are about to become total showstoppers!

Celestial Necklaces 

Radiate pure sunshine no matter the forecast with one of our sun charm jewellery pieces. The bestselling Gold Sun Necklace is summertime personified - a dainty sunburst pendant that'll have you glowing. The Heart Pendant Necklace combines a sunray charm with a sweetheart design for a romantic twist. Keep things classic with Sky Chain, or turn up the wattage with the bold Sunburst Heart Chain or Sun Burst Chain necklaces that demand to be seen.