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Article: How to Store Jewellery to Keep It Looking New

How to Store Jewellery to Keep It Looking New

How to Store Jewellery to Keep It Looking New

What’s worse than getting ready for the day only to find your statement necklace knotted with another or one earring gone missing? Proper storage is important to keep your jewellery organised and looking sparkling, whether it’s your favourite piece of jewellery or a new purchase. 

And it’s not just about saving money on replacing pieces; it's about memories and emotions. Moisture, air, and sunlight can mess up your jewellery. Storing it properly keeps it looking good and protects its sentimental value.

Must-Have Storage Supplies

Keep your jewellery looking box fresh with these storage options:

Jewellery Boxes and Cases

Jewellery boxes are a stylish way to keep your pieces safe. To keep things organised, go for ones with compartments and anti-tarnish linings. A good box will also have space for a polishing cloth to clean your jewellery as you put it away.

Jewellery Pouches and Rolls

Jewellery pouches or rolls are perfect for travel or when you're on the go. They keep your pieces from tangling and getting scratched. Soft cloth pouches with anti-tarnish linings are great for storing necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Just remember to clean your jewellery after exposure to things like chlorine or sun cream and store it away from direct sunlight.

Anti-Tarnish Strips and Packets

Anti-tarnish products are your secret weapon against moisture, which can eat away at your jewellery while it's still in the box. They absorb excess moisture and prevent the tarnishing of your precious metals. Look for reputable brands and follow the instructions carefully for optimal protection. 

How to Store Jewellery

No doubt your jewellery collection is made up of lots of different pieces, from glittering chandelier earrings to sterling silver toe rings. Whatever your vibe, there are 5 golden rules to keep your jewellery in top condition:

1. Separate Jewellery Pieces

You’ve had a fabulous night out or a busy day at the office, and you’re getting ready for bed. When you take off your jewellery, it’s all too easy to chuck it on the side or in your jewellery box. But somehow, as if by magic, the necklaces tangle, and the earrings rub together.

Next time, take two minutes and pop each piece away separately to prevent tangling, scratching, and potential damage caused by pieces rubbing against each other. The best way to store jewellery is to invest in compartmentalised boxes or pouches to ensure they stay organised and untangled.

2. Store by Metal Type

Storing by metal type is about more than being able to quickly match your jewellery to your outfit. Without reliving a chemistry lesson from school, trust us when we say different metals need different storage. Silver tarnishes faster than gold, so keep your silver pieces in an airtight container with anti-tarnish strips. If you have jewellery with gemstones, store them separately from metals to avoid scratches.

3. Protect Pieces from Moisture and Air Exposure

It’s easy to spot when someone has skipped looking after their jewellery properly by how tarnished or discoloured it is. Telltale signs are dull jewellery or yellow, brown, black or grey coating on the surface, which can rub off on your clothes or skin. Moisture and air are the main culprits for jewellery tarnishing and discolouration.

To limit exposure, use desiccants or airtight containers to keep your pieces looking new. Also, avoid storing your jewellery in humid places like bathrooms or near windows.

4. Cleaning Before Storage

Let’s be honest: You’re probably not going to clean your jewellery after every wear. But when you get time, treat it to a gentle clean before you store your jewellery. Use a soft cloth, warm water, mild soap, or a jewellery cleaning solution suited for the metal. This helps remove dirt, oils, and residue that can cause tarnishing or damage. All the products that you wear on your skin, like makeup, lotions, and perfumes, are likely to end up on your jewellery and cause harm when it's not being worn.

5. Rotating Jewellery in Storage

If you have a lot of jewellery, try rotating it in and out of storage. You might want to keep those special or expensive pieces tucked away for big occasions, but just don’t forget to take them out a few times a year to clean or wear them. Having jewellery on rotation helps prevent tarnishing and lets you enjoy and appreciate each piece regularly.

How to Store Earrings

If you’ve got a big collection of earrings, it’s worth paying extra attention to how you keep them to avoid tangling, scratches, and tarnishing. Whether you have a collection of studs, hoops, or dangling earrings, here are some storage hacks for earrings to keep them looking their best:

  • Get an earring organiser or tray with individual compartments. This will keep your earrings separated and untangled and make it easier to find the pair you're looking for.
  • Look for organisers with velvet or soft linings to prevent scratches.
  • For travel, consider using small, individual pouches or pill boxes to store each pair of earrings separately. This will prevent them from rubbing against each other and becoming tangled or damaged.
  • If you have a collection of stud earrings, consider storing them in a tackle box or a divided storage container. This will keep them organised and prevent them from getting lost or mixed up.
  • Use a jewellery roll or pouch with individual slots or pockets for drop earrings, huggies, dangles, chandeliers or hoop earrings. This will prevent the earrings from tangling and protect the delicate chains or gemstones.

How to Store Necklaces

Necklaces are usually the highlight of any jewellery collection, so they need a bit of extra care. If you don’t store them properly, they can tangle, kink, or even break. Here are some simple tips to keep your necklaces looking new:

  • Get a jewellery roll or pouch with separate compartments. These are great for keeping necklaces from tangling. Look for ones with soft, anti-tarnish linings to avoid scratches and tarnishing.
  • A hanger or stand works wonders for longer necklaces or delicate chains. It lets you hang each necklace individually so it doesn’t get twisted or tangled.
  • If you prefer a jewellery box, make sure it has individual compartments or rolls for your necklaces. Throwing them in a box can lead to tangling and damage, so keep them separated.

Treat Yourself To Your Next Piece Of Jewellery With Cosmic Chains

Taking care of your jewellery ensures it stays beautiful and ready to wear. By following these simple storage tips, your necklaces, earrings, and other pieces will remain as shiny as the day you got them. Treat yourself to a new piece from our collection, and keep it looking great with a little care and attention.

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